Approaching - during one of our organized visits with a small group of collectors - the property of Giampaolo Babetto on the Tuscan hills, we instinctively feel that something very special awaits us. Everything here is naturally beautiful, the olive grove is bursting with power, we feel that here nature and man are ecologically in balance, things have time to develop and unfold their full power. And it is the same with the works of Giampaolo. Everything is just right here. In the reduction to the essential lies the power that seems to be inherent in everything. The combinations of different materials, precious (almost always he uses gold, or white gold), and non-precious (glass or plastics), are wonderfully safe.


Brosche 2012, Gold 750, Pigment – Foto: Giustino Chemello (VI)
Ring 2011, Gold 750, Pigment – Foto: Giustino Chemello (VI)
Ring 2014, Weißgold 750, Glass, Lemon Quartz – Foto: Giustino Chemello (VI)