Alexander Blank

„Jewellery is a language through personal/social coding in public.
My interest in this art form is beyond the classical representation of status and wealth or other expressions of human vanity. Jewellery has a lot more to offer beside a confirmation of stereotypical rolemodels!
Since it is directly without compromise connected to the wearer it is very interesting in terms of participation – it becomes a communicator in the triad of maker, wearer and observer.
I ask myself what could, should or can be communicated today? And how can it be expressed through jewellery?
This has science-fictional or utopian quality to me, to imagine how a change of physical appearance of a person by using other symbols and codings in jewellery could influence public life and human interactions. Privatly. Personally. Politically.“


Alexander Blank, Brooch, FORECAST, 2019 Corian, Steel
Alexander Blank, Pendant, MEMENTO JUNIORI, 2011/12 hand carved hard foam, Silver, String