We cordially invite you to visit our current exhibition

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Opening March 14th at 6pm

On display from March 15th to April 27th

ANDI GUT's new works, exclusively brooches, are inspired by small disturbances in everyday life. Things that don't work perfectly, but you have to reckon with. All the better if you can see the special in them and perhaps even celebrate them. 

The hole in the stocking, skulls that squint or have crooked teeth and even the deformed foot has something poetic about it as "Athletes Foot".


DANIEL KRUGER's works for the exhibition are inspired by nature. Here the delicate necklace predominates. His necklaces are filigree, decorated with miniature pictures or pressed plant parts. His pearl and textile works are completely new; they show rather massive, bodily forms in which his South African origins are clearly recognizable.

Daniel Kruger is a precise observer, an admirer of material cultures and techniques from all over the world. Like hardly any other contemporary jewelry artist, he is committed to tradition, to craftsmanship, which is also his source of inspiration.



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