Current exhibition:

Linda Hughes

Allusion Field

We are honored to present new works by Linda Hughes from Australia.

Opening: August 9th 

The exhibition runs until August 31st


Artist Statement

Allusion Field

I develop ideas where a dynamic optical illusion elicits a 3D effect from a flat surface within the clear linearity of black-and-white stripes. Surface lines arise and subsume back within the shape and the mobility of a pendant, reinforcing the illusion of 3D and the notion of inversion. The stripe is a device of agitation, unfailingly capturing attention. Stripes are the small nervous strokes of the brush within a composition – a restlessness where the surface is never still.

For me, the interplay of line, stripe and form builds a narrative which parallels the historical use of stripe motifs in Renaissance painting. In these artworks, the stripe is used to encode hidden messages on morality, faith and politics. The use of the stripe to allude to theatres beyond the canvas incites the design language within my work. My jewellery seeks to take the dramas and comedies of the world about me and cast them anew in the personal space of body adornment.

Linda Hughes, 2018


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