We cordially invite you to visit our current exhibition:

Last Night I Had Too Much To Dream

by Kiko Gianocca

Opening June 13th at 6:30 pm

On display from June 14th to July 20th


"I like the notion that a piece of jewellery stands between the body (the self) and the world, representing a sort of link between the inner and the outer.

As such they do not only hang around with the wearer but also they have the capacity to reach inside and move things, thoughts and feelings.

Changing and transforming objects, things that are around me every day catch my attention.

I try to manipulate the way we look at them. By doing this, I attempt to give them a new life and identity, a new way to be perceived, appropriated and used.

After my intervention, these transformed ‘things’ aim to speak with another language. By transforming objects, I would like to provide an opportunity to look at things differently, and as an object slowly reveals itself, it is given back a certain power.

I generally use abstraction as a renewal process. The changes that take place are already inherent in the object or material that I manipulate. It is not so much the final result that I am interested in as the possibilities of meanings revealed. This new potential of an object opens the boundaries of its interpretation and provokes in the viewer a new way to relate to them."

Kiko Gianocca, 2019


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