Fotos by Federico Cavicchioli

Current exhibition:

Monica Cecchi 


We proudly to present new works by Monica Cecchi from Florence, Italy.

Opening: October 25th 

6:30 pm

The exhibition runs until December 1st

The material that Monica Cecchi uses most to make her jewels is the tin. Old tin boxes that contained biscuits, gun powder, candy etc, etc, from which she's totally fascinated by their colors, their time resistance, signs of the time and the way in which they were used, provoke her curiosity. Monica passionately look for them in second hand markets and shops.

"I collect and preserve them with care, then I destroy them and create something new. This material is like thread that takes me back to my childhood, when my grandmother used to keep her little treasures inside these boxes: i.e, embroidery wire, letters, little memories. Childhood, maternity, femininity, are the true concepts that move me towards this material which are symbolic to these concepts.

I preserve, destroy and create according to a process that could seem contradictory but it allows me to reckon with the past of which I couldn't free myself, in anyway. In that destructive and regenerating process, I don't consider as a recycling process, but rather to draw out removed memories from the end that don't allow me to be free and that are treasures because the uncontaminated part of the existence which if brought to light, they give energy and uncontainable enthusiasm.

The city, another symbol of maternity, is another of my source. Shape and color come to live from an inspiration that seems almost by chance. I like to wander around with the camera and take images that I recognize. At that moment I don't ask myself why, I just shoot. Then, in my studio (or in my playroom, as I like to call it) I choose the images, I process them drawing and I get to work. I leave a lot of space to discover what will happen and this allows me to play. In this phase all errors and randomness are precious. Everything must be considered especially the errors because it can reveal a secret. It's a very beautiful game but also painful because it sums up my inner search and the relationship with others. A poem, a look, a dialogue even accidental can have the same value of a photo, and in that snapshot I recognize myself. In this continuous dialogue between external and internal and between inside and outside I find the respite, I find my way of doing it my way, my legitimacy."



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